NEW INKLINGS komikazine!!! (comic zine) 12 artists screen printed cover


BRAND NEW INKLINGS KOMIKAZINE!!! PARANOIA THEME!!! for the first time in over a decade, my pal preston and i put together an issue of our comic zine "INKLINGS" to unleash upon the world. the first issues back in '05 were shittily xeroxed black and white copies of a crude collection of our comix and some of our friends' work, but we both got busy doing other stuff and finally recently decided to make the effort to get back into it. THIS inklings has a hand screen printed cover featuring the incredible work of our friend TALLBOY, and the credible work of myself. we also have work by our friends ADAM SZYM, DAVIS FOWLKES, HOLLY WOOD, ANDREW COHEN, PETE APPLETON, ASHLEY HOLZWASSER, LISA KELLER, PRESTON TREADWELL, SAM SIEGER, ME, AND DAVE STRINGI!!!
there is some adult content, just so ya know...
this is far and away the best issue to date and we're very proud of it, so we hope you'll like it too! look for more issues coming up in the future!!!

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