Tools of the Trade T-Shirt Salem Witch Union 1692 anvil 780


I designed and printed this shirt to sell on the street in Salem, MA during the crazed Haunted Happenings of October. (It is also available on Essex St at The Flying Monkey.) Since previous generations of salemites killed all those alleged witches back in 1692, Salem has become the "Halloween Capital of the World" and this is a visual collection of a bunch of things one might find useful in the professional application of witchcraft... the items include a crystal ball, a dagger, a broom, a cauldron, a chalice, mushrooms, a bird skull, a snake skin, garlic, eyes of newt, a pigs foot, a candle, a feather, a crystal, a mandrake root, the death tarot card, and a chicken foot... growing up around here you pick up some tools of the trade.

Also, gotta get down with that O.G. witchcrafters union.


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