GHOST BIKE rune "may your ghost ride on forever" TEE (half profits to bikes not bombs)


This is a design that i've been tinkering with for a year or so... i wanted to commemorate the life and death of a friend and fellow artist/roustabout who left this plane too soon. He got doored in queens last year, and there's a ghost bike on union turnpike for him. ghost bikes had always seemed like a kind of beautiful tradition, but i had never had a friend connected to one. the viking motif is just a way to make the design more interesting, and i didn't want this shirt to be, y'know... A BUMMER. it's supposed to be more about a rad afterlife... anyway, i wanted to do something, and since he was an artist too i figured this would be a good way to tip my hat.

the runes read "KAN DIN SPOKE RITT PA EVIGT" which is kind of a norse language amalgamation that translates to "MAY YOUR GHOST RIDE ON FOREVER"

FYI: the ink on some of these shirts is water based, so once the print goes through the wash it's bleached into the fabric - some of the shirts have plastisol ink with "fashion soft" reducer so the image should also soften into the fabric.

BTW half the profits from this shirt will go to BIKES NOT BOMBS.

big ups, tchaka

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