CHEAPO PERSISTENCE of pizza white TANK after Dali


this image came to me like many of its inspiration's inspirations - IN BED. I think i laughed myself awake when i thought of it...

Salvador Dali referred to his work as "hand painted dream photographs", and when you dream of pizza - as pizza trollz often do - it's only natural that pizza would festoon such a well known dreamscape. You're welcome to try to read more into this image if you feel so inclined. This is for fans of art history, surrealism, and pizza... or you could just be a fan of sweet muscle tanks for all i care, but i'd rather you get it and like this shirt as much as i do.

fun fact: the actual art for this shirt (my part of it anyway) was done on a Wacom tablet in one of my first experiments with my new-to-me device. i think it came out as well or better than i could have expected, also it's one of the first designs i did completely in illustrator. i've long been loathe to do any kind of "art" on the computer but the tablet helps.

these are the new EXTRA NICE (next level brand) tanks by the way!
***ALSO AVAILABLE ON 3/4 SLEEVE BASEBALL TEES!!!! (maybe reprinted soon)

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