wolf witch rune CREW NECK SWEATSHIRT 50/50 blend


well as you may have heard, WINTER IS COMING... and I've had some people ask me if i was going to make sweatshirts with this design, so when i was reprinting tees the other day i stopped by the store to look for black sweatshirts.

the CURSE OF THE WOLF WITCH was originally designed and printed to be sold in salem, MA during the frenzied tourist season of halloween. due to the combination of sinister witchyness and overall METALness, it did rather well, and is on it's Nth run of prints now. fyi - this isn't for a band; it's just all the most badass things i could think of.

the runes literally read "forbannelse/ulvenheks" which is norweigan for "curse of the wolfwitch". (thanks to @srhboycott for reminding me to point that out.)

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