PIZZA TROLLZ TEE natural, whole grain crust


ON NATURAL (unbleached) TEES - this is a real nice color combo

PIZZA TROLLZ is the end product of one of those jokes that takes on a life of its own... or - more accuately - it's a stepping stone to the end product of such a joke: the arrests and execution of the ENTIRE GANG of pizza trollz for the crime of eating all the world's pizza and/or a pizza revolution.

PIZZA TROLLZ was concieved with the co-founder of INKLINGS KOMIKAZINE (the comic zine that all my comics on this site are attributed to), largely so that we could have sweet back patches on our vests. so then i made some shirts too, and here they are. what could be better than pizza and booze and lightingboltskateboardtrollz?

OH YEAH - once again these four screens were painstakingly hand-separated with sharpie on acetate, so the prints aren't exactly perfect... but what do you expect from a pizza thieving, beer swilling gang of trollz?

p.s. the second picture is used with permission from these two aussie pizza trollz. Cheers!

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